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What is KidsGames?

KidsGames is a worldwide movement connecting with children and the communities in which they live. This is already making a positive difference to the lives of tens of thousands of children.

All children can be involved in the core KidsGames elements which include Sports and Games, the Bible, creativity, compassion, KidsMedia and more, all integrated into a fun and easy-to-run initiative.

The KidsGames in each community are a multi-day, multi-group, sport focused, value-based, global initiative for children aged between 6-14 years. KidsGames provides a means for churches of different denominations, schools, businesses and community groups to work together on an ongoing basis, serving children who learn and compete together to bring about personal, spiritual and community transformation.

There are KidsGames happening on every continent across the globe. After launching in the year 2000 in seven countries, by 2003 over 75 countries had participated. This number is quickly growing.

What does KidsGames look like?

Describing KidsGames is like describing a tree. Every tree has roots, branches, leaves and a trunk. But what those elements look like in one part of the world will be very different to how they look in another but both will still be a tree. In the same way, KidsGames varies greatly in different parts of the world.

The great strength of KidsGames is that it comes from everywhere. As you look at KidsGames you will find manuals, ideas and models from the Middle East, Africa, South America, North America, the Pacific, Asia and Europe.

Like a tree, every KidsGames may differ in appearance, but they all have the same core elements.

KidsGames is like a tree

The KidsGames Program

The KidsGames program

Each KidsGames Program includes five core elements:

  • Pre KidsGames: the planning and partnership stage before a KidsGames.
  • Opening Ceremony: an event to bring children together to start KidsGames
  • Bible Discovery and Sports Competition: the days where the children meet with local leaders to explore the Bible through experiential learning and to play Games and Competitive Sports
  • Closing Ceremony: to play finals of the sports, give out awards and present creative performances by the children.
  • Post KidsGames: the follow-through of the children by local churches and community groups after KidsGames. Opportunities to develop Follow-Through Camps/Schools to develop the skills of the children.

Various Models of KidsGames

Since the commencement of KidsGames a number of KidsGames Program Models have emerged:

  • 10 week programs with an Opening Ceremony, 8 weeks of Bible Discovery and Sports Competition, concluding with a Closing Ceremony
  • Holiday/vacation events held over one or two weeks with an Opening Ceremony, either a combined event or organized by the individual churches/organizations, followed by one or two weeks of Bible Discovery and Sports Competitions, concluding with a combined Closing Ceremony.

Decisions about organization, program and elements are made by the churches and organizations as they partner together to organize KidsGames in their location.

KidsGames is a Worldwide Partnership

KidsGames has been developed by many people, groups and organizations from across the globe who want to impact the lives of children and who want to help you do the same.

KidsGames is not an organization. It has no staff, no office and exists because people like you catch the vision and spread it locally to interested groups. It is facilitated by a team of volunteers from across the world as part of The Ultimate Goal and More than Gold programs.

While you are free to run KidsGames as often as you like, it is recommended that KidsGames be run in your location every two years to correspond with new resources being developed.

KidsGames Definition

Let us look at the core of what KidsGames is:

KidsGames is a multi-day, multi-group, sport focused, Bible based, global initiative for children aged between 6-14 years.


KidsGames is run over many days. This is to give the children a fun experience and to build lasting relationships, something which cannot be done quickly.

There are many variations, but following are the most common models used successfully by KidsGames:

  • One day per week for 10 weeks
  • One day per week for 5 weeks
  • Every day for 10 days
  • Every day for 5 days

Each KidsGames organizing committee is free to choose when and how long they want their KidsGames to be. The only exception to the multi-day model is when a city does a trial one day KidsGames for promotional or training reasons.


No KidsGames is done by just one group. The strength and purpose behind KidsGames is to draw many different groups together. In some cases this will mean 2 or 3 groups, in other cases it will mean hundreds of groups. If the situation arises that only one church wants to be involved, run KidsGames and invite other churches to observe with the hope of more churches becoming involved next time.

Some KidsGames have started on a very large scale with many groups, while other cities have begun their KidsGames with just a few groups and grown it from a small beginning.

Sport Focused

Sport is a universal activity that draws countries and people together in a unique way. This is particularly seen in the large global Sports events, like the Olympic Games or the World Cup of Football. KidsGames is a sports event that makes children the heroes and the celebrities.

KidsGames involves sports and games in three ways:

  • Traditional and new Competitive Sports
    • for those children that enjoy competing to win in their chosen sport. KidsGames provides an opportunity for play and for coaching these skills.
  • Experiential Games
    • especially designed games that teach a lesson linked to the values and Biblical message of the day.
  • Fun Games
    • a time to let children be children, to have fun, play and enjoy being kids.

The sports and games are demonstrated in the Opening Ceremony with the competition played in the days or weeks following. The finals are played in the Closing Ceremony with awards and medals given to all participants (not just the winners).

Bible Based

At the heart of KidsGames is the desire to share the love of God with children. KidsGames provides a caring place to have fun with children while sharing Biblical stories, values and messages in a creative and unique way.

The Bible is communicated through experiential learning games, dramas, stories, discussion and the testimonies of famous athletes. It is a time for the children to experience and discover for themselves, in small groups, on the playing field or in a hall.

Several well designed KidsGames learning Curriculums have been developed, for example, The Champions, Joseph and Paul. A new Curriculum will be developed every two years for KidsGames and will be available on this website under Downloads, Curricula.

Global Initiative

KidsGames is truly global, from the team facilitating and helping bring resources together through to the number of countries involved. The most unique aspect about this global initiative is the partnership that makes it happen.

There are even KidsGames worldwide championships and projects in which children can compete.

For Children aged between 6-14 years

In so many ways, children are special. Children are the largest single generation on earth. They have the potential to bring about great good to our world or send it further into turmoil. In years to come they will be the leaders of the world. Through KidsGames they can realize their potential now and begin to express their sporting, creative, leadership and spiritual gifts.

KidsGames Manuals

KidsGames has gathered an enormous amount of practical and helpful information from around the world. To help communicate the scope of great ideas clearly, we have broken the topics down in 14 key areas and compiled at least one manual for each topic.

These are the core manuals for KidsGames:

  • Water Bucket Ages 10-12: Gold Venezuela 450mL (15.22 Fl oz) - Campioni 8/16/2014
  • Water Bucket Ages 10-12: Gold Venezuela 450mL (15.22 Fl oz) - Campioni 8/16/2014
  • Water Bucket Ages 10-12: Bronze Portugal 175mL (5.92 Fl oz) - Os Favela 6/5/2014
  • Water Bucket Ages 13-14: Gold Krygyzstan 1130mL (38.21 Fl oz) - ????? 4/16/2014
  • Water Bucket TeenGames: Gold Krygyzstan 1130mL (38.21 Fl oz) - ????? 4/16/2014
  • Water Bucket TeenGames: Gold Krygyzstan 1130mL (38.21 Fl oz) - ????? 4/16/2014
  • Water Bucket TeenGames: Gold Krygyzstan 1130mL (38.21 Fl oz) - ????? 3 4/16/2014
  • Water Bucket TeenGames: Gold Krygyzstan 1130mL (38.21 Fl oz) - ????? 13 4/16/2014
  • Water Bucket TeenGames: Gold Krygyzstan 1130mL (38.21 Fl oz) - ????? 8 4/16/2014
  • Water Bucket TeenGames: Gold Krygyzstan 1130mL (38.21 Fl oz) - ????? 4/16/2014
  • Water Bucket TeenGames: Gold Krygyzstan 1130mL (38.21 Fl oz) - ????? 4/16/2014
  • 12x10 Relay Ages 10-12: Gold Deutschland 35.65s - Grün,Lila,Blau 11/2/2011
  • 12x10 Relay Ages 10-12: Silver Malaysia 41.50s - KidsGames Ipoh 2012 Red Team 11/29/2012
  • 12x10 Relay Ages 10-12: Bronze Malaysia 42.60s - KidsGames Ipoh 2012 Green Team 11/29/2012
  • 12x10 Relay Ages 5-9: Gold Malaysia 50.40s - KidsGames Ipoh 2012 Red Team 11/29/2012
  • 12x10 Relay Ages 5-9: Silver Deutschland 53.16s - Hellblau,Gelb 11/2/2011
  • 12x10 Relay Ages 5-9: Bronze Malaysia 55.10s - KidsGames Ipoh 2012 Blue Team 11/29/2012
  • 12x10 Relay Leaders/Parents: Gold Fiji 24.44s - The Team 9/20/2012
  • Soccer Skills Ages 10-12: Gold Canada 300.00s - don't know 5/26/2013
  • Soccer Skills Ages 5-9: Gold India 180.00s - super shot 7/2/2013
  • Soccer Skills Leaders/Parents: Gold South Africa 73.00s - ISLS2010 10/6/2010
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